The Hazards Of DECT Phones

Why have a conversation about DECT phones when this is a TETRA website? The primary reason is to ensure people don’t mistake the cause of issues and presume TETRA to be at fault. We’ve had to respond to several technical issues that turn out to be caused by DECT phones rather than TETRA.

When the Digital Electronic Cordless Telephones are turned off, the problems stop. If you have one, you may not realize the number of different problems that can crop up. In addition, if your neighbor has a DECT phone it’s possible that the signals from that phone will pulse through your own home. There are no health warnings or even basic guidance for most DECT phones.

Information About DECT Cordless Telephones

The modern digital cordless devices use pulsed microwave radiation. This is no different from the standard mobile phone. As long as the mobile device is plugged in, you can expect an emission level of about 6 V/m.

The base recharge stations emit the waves of radiation whether or not the phone is in use. As long as the base unit of a DECT phone is plugged in, it will emit microwave radiation non-stop. Because of this, many people regard cordless phones as problematic at best.

Recently, a paper was published in Lennart Hardell connecting brain tumors increased in groups who used regular cordless phones over the course of 5 years. Since a DECT phone is mobile, most people leave their base unit in a room where they often work.

Do you have one in your home or office? Try to keep the base unit as far away from where you either sleep or sit. You should also keep any extra handsets away from your sleeping area, as well. Don’t forget, these emissions do go through walls, so you might be sending them towards your neighbor.

DECT technologies aren’t exactly the same as mobile phones, however. These cordless telephones use a fixed power. The pulses of a DECT phone is┬ámuch stronger and more aggressive than mobile phones, which turn their power levels as low as possible. DECT phones simply don’t do this.

DECT Pulse Frequency Concern

Remember that DECT phones should have warning labels. They could easily be up to 100 times worse than any ordinary mobile device. This is particularly true if it’s used in an area already heavy with emissions. This is due to the pulse frequency.

GSM mobile devices pulse at a rapid 217Hz. DECT pulses are much lower, at 100Hz. The lower the frequency, the more effect it has on humans and other living creatures. If there are any ELF pulses, then watch out. Extremely low-frequency pulses can really wreck your body up. This is why TETRA can be so dangerous.

TETRA pulses are at 17.6Hz. Such a low frequency actually hits the human brainwave rhythm range. When Dr. von Klitzing published his research on DECT phones, he found that samples of blood taken from children who lived near DECT phones showed corpuscles that didn’t grow properly. These children showed signs of aggression and/or listlessness, as well as sleeplessness.

With the removal of the DECT phone, however, these children began to normalize.

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