Latest Small Business Telecoms Solutions

While cell phone technology has essentially become ubiquitous and an integral part of business communications, the good old fashioned phone line is still a very important technology for pretty much all businesses.

Over the last ten years or so, a lot of high end VoIP technology has become ever more accessible to small business and even for private home use. Large businesses have enjoyed far cheaper and much more reliable phone connections for decades now, so it is about time that smaller and start up business can do the same.

best cordless phoneVoIP essentially uses your Internet connection as the means to transmit voice calls, rather than the plain and simple phone line. This has a lot of benefits, not just the fact that call costs are drastically cheaper. The standard phone line is not a particularly secure form of communication, whereas VoIP can be made very secure with additional technology added in.

With a very basic VoIP box set up and configured, you simple need to add the best cordless phone sets and your business will be ready to communicate with the outside world. These days cordless phones are advanced enough to have allow business user to have all the features of a regular desk phone. Speaker phone, phone books voice mail and call waiting and transfers are all possible.

And the advantage is that you can simply bring the phone with you within range of the office system. If you need to call over to someone’s desk or into a meeting, but at the same time need to be able to take an important call, you can just bring you phone with you.

If phone bills are a major part of your business, then getting set up with modern Internet phone technology can be a great investment. Basic set up for less than 10 phones will be fully up and running for less than $1,000 and many businesses report that the savings on bills pays for that investment in less than one year.

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